Spring Flowers Boost Mood, According to Science

It’s Stress Awareness Month! According to a study, spring flowers and foliage aren’t just beautiful, they can actually make a positive impact on your mood.

Spring has sprung! March 20th officially kicked off the beginning of the season. As we head into the first full month of spring, we also want to highlight that April is Stress Awareness Month. While this has been recognized since the 90s, it feels even more important to highlight after this past year.

A survey by Wakefield Research revealed that 68 percent of people are stressed on a weekly basis and 32 percent are stressed every single day. So, how do we combat that stress during April Stress Awareness Month and beyond? One simple answer that can help boost your mood: Spring flowers!

Flowers and foliage are not only beautiful to look at, but they can also help reduce stress. According to a study by the University of Florida, simply having flowers in and around your home can make a positive impact on your mood and could reduce stress by over five points on the Perceived Stress Questionnaire. Explore additional health benefits of owning (or gifting!) flowers and greens here.

Ideas and Tips for Boosting Your Mood With Spring Foliage

Before you buy your spring flowers, here is a list of spring flowers and foliage that are in season:

  • Tulips: Nothing says spring quite like a tulip! Their vibrant colors are sure to brighten up your space. Each color represents a unique meaning, which makes them the perfect gift for a friend or family member. Pro tip:  In a vase tulips are both phototropic and geotropic. They will bend towards the light and away from the earth so keep them out of direct sunlight to last longer.
  • Daisies: White daisies are very common and they’re what we usually think of when a daisy is mentioned, however, there are a variety of colors to choose from with the Gerbera variety—including green and pink! Add a splash of color to your home or keep it neutral.
  • Daffodils: With daffodils being one of the first spring flowers to bloom, they signify a fresh start—like a new season or a new chapter—making them a thoughtful “good luck” gift for a friend or colleague. Bonus: They are budget-friendly!
  • Ranunculus: These trending blooms are more popular than ever…and for good reason! These rose-like beauties come in a variety of colors and when they are cut before they’re fully open, Ranunculus can last 10-12 days in a vase. If you want to add these to your garden, plant Ranunculus in bright light and well-drained soil; they do not thrive in heat or humid climates.
  • Hydrangeas: (American Grown hydrangeas are available May through December!) Nothing like a bunch of pastel hydrangeas to add some color to your kitchen or dining room (and a great excuse to dust off your favorite vase!). Bonus: Under proper care, they last a long time!

Find even more spring flowers in season, and check out this bloom time chart to add spring and summer bulbs to your flower garden.

Keep spring flowers around all season with this list of tips, ideas and at-home activities:

  • Pick spring flowers that are long-lasting with a strong, natural smell.
  • Research and properly care for your blooms to ensure they last as long as possible.
  • Buy homegrown flowers and foliage! American Grown is always in season. Look for the Certified American Grown Seal from a farmer near you or shop online!
  • Start your own garden, and pick your own bunch each week to keep it fresh and new.
  • Test different floral arrangements—from bunches to single stems—after buying American Grown. Explore tips for arranging flowers like an expert.
  • Try placing stems or floral arrangements in new parts of your home or outside to complement a front door, patio or bird feeder.

Buying fresh, spring flowers this month and beyond is a win-win. Reduce stress and boost your mood. Celebrate the start of the spring season and brighten up your home. Buy local to support American grown flower and greens farmers. If you don’t see the Certified American Grown seal, ask for it!

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