July marks the annual celebration of American Grown Flower and Foliage Month at a perfect time when all 50 state are blooming! Recognized annually by Congress since 2017, this month-long celebration in July of U.S. cut flower and foliage farms throughout the country marks the coming together to honor the beauty and significance of flower and foliage farmers here in the United States.

What is American Grown Flowers and Foliage Month?

American Grown Flowers and Foliage Month is a dedicated month to celebrate, recognize and appreciate the exceptional talents and efforts of our nation’s flower and foliage farmers. Throughout the month of July (and All Year Long!), we shine a spotlight on the incredible variety of flowers and foliages grown right here in our own backyard. Across the country, American farmers pour their heart and soul into nurturing the blooms and foliages that bring joy, inspiration, and a touch of nature’s beauty into our lives.


Why Celebrate American Grown Flowers and Foliage?

By celebrating American Grown Flowers and Foliage Month, you are supporting local farmers and their teams who work hard every day investing their time, energy and passion into the growth and vitality of local economies and sustainable agriculture practices.

Certified American Grown is here to ensure our floriculture’s sustainability now and in the future so American Grown flower and foliage farmers can always be there to produce the most beautiful stems for you, your home, your offices and life’s special occasions.


How Can You Participate?

Together, let’s celebrate American Grown Flowers and Foliage Month and embrace the splendor of our homegrown florals! Join the movement and make a positive impact on our communities and the environment and remember, supporting our domestic flower and foliage farmers is not just for July – you can celebrate and support this vital American industry all year long!


Don’t see American Grown Flowers or Foliages? ASK your florist, retailer or wholesaler to source from local farms.



Attention all American Grown farms and vendors!

Get ready to celebrate American Grown Flowers and Foliage Month in style with our toolkit, including top ten ways to make this month truly unforgettable.

Whether you’re a farm or a vendor, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your commitment to supporting local agriculture and promote the beauty of American-grown flowers and foliage. Our toolkit is packed with creative ideas to engage and excite your customers. From hosting tours and arranging stunning floral displays to collaborating with local designers and participating in community events, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s join together in celebrating the vibrant and sustainable beauty that our farms and vendors bring to the American floral industry. Together, we can make this American Grown Flowers and Foliage Month the best one yet!

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