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What is the American Grown Act?

H.R. 3019, referred to as the "American Grown Act," is a bill that was introduced in May 2019 by Alaska Congressman Don Young (R-AK), co-chair of the Congressional Cut Flower Caucus to support America's flower farming families. The bill requires all federal agencies to only procure cut flowers and greens grown in the United States for their facilities, events, and ceremonies. The legislation was co-sponsored by the bipartisan co-chairs of the Congressional Cut Flower Caucus:

  • Rep. Jaime Herrera-Beutler (R-WA)
  • Rep. Salud Carbajal (D-CA)
  • Rep. Jimmy Panetta (D-CA)
  • Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME)


S.3352, the Senate companion bill of the "American Grown Act," was introduced in February 2020 by Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) in support of cut flower and greens growers nationwide. The legislation was co-sponsored by: 

  • Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)
  • Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)
  • Angus King (I-ME)


Why is this important?

It is the right thing to do. After decades of duty-free access and direct subsidies to foreign flower producers in competing countries, while increasing the costs and regulations on our domestic farms, America's flower and foliage farmers continue to face an extremely unfair playing field here at home. "Free trade" has not been "fair trade." Therefore, the American Grown Act is a small gesture that will bring a tremendous amount of awareness to lawmakers on the issues that continue to face these hard-working flower and greens farming families. By encouraging your Members of Congress to support the American Grown Act, you can help ensure that American tax dollars go to buying American Grown Flowers and Foliage!


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Growing Support for the American Grown Act

Associations and Organizations

The following list of organizations have signed on to support America's cut flower and foliage farmers and have endorsed the American Grown Act.

  • 🇺🇸 Alaska Farm Bureau, Inc.

  • 🇺🇸 Alaskan Peonies Growers Association

  • 🇺🇸 AmericanHort

  • 🇺🇸 Seattle Wholesale Growers

  • 🇺🇸 California Canning Peach Association

  • 🇺🇸 California Farm Bureau Federation

  • 🇺🇸 California Pear Growers Association

  • 🇺🇸 California State Floral Association

  • 🇺🇸 Plant California Alliance

  • 🇺🇸 Santa Barbara County Farm Bureau

Supporters in Congress

  • 🇺🇸 Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA)

  • 🇺🇸 Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL)

  • 🇺🇸 Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA)

  • 🇺🇸 Rep. Don Young (R-AK)

  • 🇺🇸Rep. Salud Carbjal (D-CA)

  • 🇺🇸 Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME)

  • 🇺🇸 Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA)

  • 🇺🇸Rep. Jimmy Panetta (D-CA)

  • 🇺🇸Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK)

  • 🇺🇸Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)

  • 🇺🇸Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

  • 🇺🇸Senator Angus King (I-ME)

"As a designer, not only am I aware of where the flowers I buy come from but I make a conscious decision to support our economy here at home. I would encourage that the federal government do the same and buy American Grown Flowers to support America’s flower farming families as designers like myself do every day in our businesses."

Kelly Shore | Floral Designer, Petals By the Shore

"Bristol Farms supports and applauds all the efforts and dedication our American Farmers put forth into growing the most amazing flowers that we can offer to our customers!!"

Kristin Lares | Bristol Farms, Los Angeles, CA

"American Grown Flowers help put funds back into the economy. When we purchase flowers from out of the country, we are inhibiting the growth of companies that support families here on American soil. By supporting American Grown Flowers we continue to support the well being of not only our friends and neighbors, but the strength of our country being self-reliant."

Kasey Thorton | United Salad Company, Portland, OR

“I believe it is important for our federal government to support American industries first, and that includes America’s flower and greens farmers.”

Faith Ostrye | Musician, Millbrook, AL


Will this restrict trade with other countries?

No. The American Grown Act will not impact the flow of trade or restrict consumer choice. It only focuses the requirement to buy American on the federal government.

Are there similar "buy American" provisions for other products?

Yes! The legislative path for "buy American first" proposals is well worn. In fact, it was President Hoover that signed the "Buy American Act," into law in 1933, requiring the U.S. government to give purchasing preference for products that were made in the U.S.A. Today, many other industries have benefited from these types of laws and regulations that require the federal government to buy American first. The American Grown Act is needed to bring that kind of attention and awareness for purchase of flowers and foliage.

Will this have a negative impact on the floral industry?

No. The American Grown Act will not impact the flow of trade or restrict consumer choice. It only focuses the requirement to buy American on the federal government.

Does the federal government spend a lot of money on flowers now?

No.  The amount of money that the federal government spends on flowers is so small that nobody really knows how small it is. The American Grown Act isn't about money, it is about supporting America's flower and foliage farmers and ensuring that American taxpayer dollars go to buying American Grown!

Add Your Voice To The List of Supporters!

By adding your name to the list of individuals and organizations that support The American Grown Act, you're helping send a message to our leaders in Washington, D.C. and to the President that America's flower and greens farmers matter. Origin matters. On behalf of America's flower and greens farming families, we thank you for standing with us.


  • Diane Brown (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • DeAnne Benedict (Farmer)
    Flowers to Bless

  • Susan Connor (Farmer)
    Southernery Gardens

  • Michelle Dowding (Farmer)
    Old World Heritage Farm

    Bluegirth Blooms

  • Natasha McCrary (Farmer)
    1818 Farms

  • a boutreis (Farmer)
    WAB farm


  • Boots Roemhildt (Farmer)
    Prince William Farms

  • Boots Roemhildt (Retailer)

  • Melissa & Les Saltzman (Farmer)
    Alaskan Legacy Peonies (ALP)

  • Amy Seitz (Other)
    Alaska Farm Bureau, Inc

  • Vanessa Berg (Farmer)
    Valley Sisters Peonies, LLC

  • Sharolyn Wyeth (Florist)
    Muffy's flowers

  • Les Saltzman (Farmer)
    Alaskan Legacy Peonies

  • Michelle Morton (Farmer)
    Flower farmer

  • Ronda Schlumbohm (Farmer)
    Slimtree Farm

  • Taffina Katkus (Farmer)
    Alaska Wilderness Peonies

  • Allison Gaylord (Farmer)
    Alaska Beauty Peony Cooperative

  • Gerri Martin (Farmer)
    Diamond Ridge Peonies

  • David Pruett (Farmer)
    C&D Peonies llc.

  • Jill Russell (Farmer)
    Boreal Peonies

  • Margaret Waite (Farmer)
    Peony farmer

  • Shelley Rainwater (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Rainwater Farm

  • Faith Ostrye (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Rita Jo Shoultz (Retailer)
    Alaska Perfect Peony


  • Patricia Poulin (Farmer)
    Dirty Boot Farm

  • pamela Smith (Retailer)
    Roadrunner Florist Inc

  • Elizabeth Green (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Courtney Fastiggi (Other)

  • Rebecca Phillips (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Suzanne Taussig (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Event planning

  • Terri Schuett (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Happy Vine, LLC

  • Terri Schuett (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Happy Vine LLC

  • Janna Neetz (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Kathrine Nelson (Other)

  • Janice Curtis (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Heather Leedy (Other)


  • Dan Hauser (Farmer)

  • Brock Atwill (Wholesaler)

  • Marcia Richatdson (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Brenda Embry (Farmer)
    Natural State Flower Farm

  • Patricia Holloway (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    A.F. Farmer LLC

  • Catherine Kershner (Wholesaler)
    Peony Express


  • Peggy Rand (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Karri Mast (Farmer)
    Mellano & Company

  • Gail Challis (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Cynthia GuilloryCrewdson (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Camille Gardner (Other)

  • Roxanne Storm (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Ellie Ellsworth (Farmer)

  • Linda Giovannozzi (Farmer)
    B Fresh Floral

  • David Pruitt (Other)

  • Robert Bryant (Retailer)
    Flowers By Robert Taylor Inc

  • Travis Ford (Other)
    Rock Harbor Marketing

  • Racheal Boisseranc (Other)

  • Jo Halpert (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Marcia Geary (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Carla Reynolds (Farmer)
    Kendall Farms

  • lesley Hill (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Heather Hernandez (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • melissa lazaro (Farmer)
    DIGA, Inc.

  • Diana Radestock (Farmer)
    Kendall Farms

  • Lou Ann Horn (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Carrie Brookshire (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Kendall Farms

  • Season Mckesson (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Maryjane salon

  • Carrie Loomis (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Physical Therapy

  • Jack Rendell (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Tyler Bleeker (Farmer)
    Kendall Farms

  • Ian Mckesson (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Mary Jane salon

  • Shae Gawlak (Other)
    Fallbrook Food Pantry

  • Jeran Fraser Fraser (Wholesaler)

  • Way e Loomis (Wholesaler)
    Silverthorn Ranch LL

  • Anne Hakooz (Farmer)
    Kendall Farms

  • Tara Armbruster (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Jarrod Whitehorn (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Access Asset Management

  • Kenneth Ahrens (Farmer)
    Kendall Farms

  • Chris Boisseranc (Farmer)
    Southwest Ag Consulting, Inc.

  • Cindy Fuentes (Farmer)
    Kendall Farms

  • Ray Green (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Joshua Armbruster (Other)
    KW Air LLC

  • Quinn Campbell (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Sales & Marketing

  • Cathy McClintock (Farmer)

  • Jason Kendall (Farmer)
    Kendall Farms

  • Anne Hilton (Farmer)
    California Peony Company

  • Jennifer Nguyen (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Robert Bryant (Retailer)
    Flowers by Robert Taylor

  • Colette Hartman (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Teresa Buoye (Farmer)

  • Christa Lipinski (Florist)
    Floral Designs By Christa Rose

  • Jill Vink (Farmer)

  • Kimberly Grahn (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Crystal Trees (Florist)
    Stems Flower Bar, Florist

  • Crystal Trees (Florist)
    Stems Flower Bar

  • Rainy Yogues (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Lovely Ambiance

  • Dorian Golan (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Green Roses Bloom

  • Mike Franzoia (Wholesaler)
    Cut Flowers

  • James Relles (Retailer)
    Relles Florist

  • Vince Martinez (Florist)
    30340 Valley Center Rd

  • Barbara Rudvalis (Farmer)
    Rudvalis Orchids

  • Debbie Boross (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Norman Mathis (Retailer)
    Suzann's Flowers

  • Barbara Rudvalis (Farmer)
    Rudvalis Orchids

  • Cathy McClintock (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Phil Mcgrath (Farmer)

  • Robert Mellano (Wholesaler)
    Mellano Enterprises

  • Barner Golumbfskie-Jones (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Dave Carr (Farmer)

  • Lane DeVries (Farmer)
    Sun Valley

  • AnnMarie Castellano (Other)

  • Michael A Mellano (Farmer)
    Mellano & Company

  • Lisa Bloom (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Victoria Williams (Other)

  • Katie Koch (Farmer)
    Flower Mama

  • Janice Miller (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers

  • Paulette Sierra (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Anneka Hall (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Laura Ferrick (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Eclectic Affairs

  • Sarina Guevara (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Susan Phillips (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Donnell Brown (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    National Grape Research Alliance

  • Patty Boman (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Jenny Devine (Event/Wedding Designer)

  • Alycia Moreno (Other)

  • Robert Roy (Farmer)

  • Michelle Lelande (Wholesaler)
    Mccloskey ranch

  • Jenny Jimenez (Farmer)
    Ocean Breeze Nursery

  • Sandy Weil (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    California Women for Agriculture

  • Connie Thompson (Farmer)
    Retired farmer

  • Karen Graf (Farmer)
    Hilltop Flowers Inc.

  • Ismael Resendiz (Farmer)
    Resendiz Brothers

  • Fred Van Wingerden (Farmer)
    Pyramid Flowers, inc

  • Lawrence Balma (Farmer)
    Tracker Larry Balma

  • James Brown (Farmer)

  • Debra Leon (Other)
    Eufloria Flowers

  • Sandra DeLaRosa (Other)

  • Robert Bryant (Florist)

  • Mieke Delwiche (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Alice Grazziani (Retailer)

  • Arna Crittenden (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Henk Onings (Other)
    Onings America

  • Stephanie Witzel (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Elizabeth Van Eyck (Farmer)

  • Shaune Montross (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Rebecca Anderson (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Amanda Kitaura (Farmer)

  • Barbara Naour (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Adrienne Young (Other)

  • Theresa Phaneuf (Other)

  • Kathy Eisele (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Jennifer Arey (Other)
    The Petal Connection

  • Rainy Diane Yogues (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Lovely Ambiance

  • Beverly Van Wingerden (Farmer)
    Westland Orchids and Produce

  • Nicole Cross (Other)

  • Candace Martinez (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Juan Valdes (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Jennifer Michel (Florist)

  • Christine Henderson (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Garden Grace Designs

  • Lisa Gabrielson (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Sonja Strand (Event/Wedding Designer)

  • Lynda Price (Event/Wedding Designer)

  • Joe and Julie Walker (Farmer)
    Obra Verde Growers

  • Karen Watts (Other)
    Nutrien Solutions

  • Amy Brackett (Florist)

  • KC Cornwell (Other)

  • Michael Seley (Other)

  • Catherine Mendelsohn (Other)

  • Carol Nelson (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Laura Storm (Other)
    Lemon Tree Agency

  • Jill Vink (Farmer)

  • Anna Kalins (Other)

  • Heather Putnam (Other)

  • Alejandra Sanchez (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Alejandra Sanchez (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Alejandra Sanchez (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Diana Roy Roy (Farmer)
    Resendiz Brothers

  • Treighton Mauldin (Other)
    Page Design Group

  • Frank Siri (Farmer)

  • James Grout (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Daniele Strawn (Florist)
    JoLee Blooms & Design

  • Virginia Kohlman (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Health Care

  • Carlos Cardoza (Farmer)
    CamFlor Inc

  • Micheal Furlong (Farmer)
    Ocean Breeze Farms

  • Maggy Troup (Other)

  • Susan Hillyer (Florist)
    Community Organizer

  • Adam Throop (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    George throop co

  • Cari Valdes (Wholesaler)

  • Kristell Mazzuco (Event/Wedding Designer)
    KM Productions

  • kelly ireland (Event/Wedding Designer)

  • Keith Holding (Other)

  • Wilton Lee (Retailer)
    Lee’s Florist & Nursery

  • Deborah Hartman (Wholesaler)
    Sun Valley Floral Group

  • DOUG DOBECKI (Farmer)

  • Brooke Valen (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Mary Bossuot (Other)
    Green Valley Floral

  • Mina Aryanpur (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Laura Wright (Farmer)
    The Sun Valley Group


  • Chad Nelson (Farmer)
    Eufloria Flowers

  • Cisco Haggerty (Wholesaler)
    Sun Valley Group

  • Shannon Tymkiw (Farmer)
    Flowerbox Studios & Moonwatcher Farms

  • German Loperena (Other)

  • Camron King (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Oakwood Strategic

  • Rudy Beltran (Farmer)

  • Lilia Quezada (Farmer)
    Ocean Breeze Farms

  • Eric Rosenberg (Other)


  • Kristin Lares (Retailer)
    Bristol Farms

  • Heather Butts (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Casey Rosenberg (Farmer)
    Ocean Breeze Farms

  • Cindy Stetzel (Farmer)

  • Linda Giovannozzi (Wholesaler)
    B Fresh Floral

  • Maurene Brice (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Sun Valley Floral Farms

  • Skye Stifel (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Insight Neuropsychology

  • Sondra Rodriguez-williamson (Retailer)
    32 Bar Blues

  • Tannas Martin (Wholesaler)
    Mellano & Company

  • Joe and Julie Walker (Wholesaler)
    Obra Verde Growers

  • Beth Deaton (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    The Sun Valley Group

  • Amy Carrieri (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    The Sun Valley Group

  • Maia Wood (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Sun Valley Floral Farms

  • William Prescott Prescott (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Sun Valley Floral Farms

  • Suzanne Mohamed (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Ocean View Flowers

  • debbie conner (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    the sun valley group

  • Nancy Rodriguez (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    sun valley group

  • Yvette Trevino (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Ocean View Flowers

  • Jessica Petersen (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Ocean View Flowers

  • Kasey Cronquist (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Certified American Grown

  • Jana Wilcox (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Karen Stephens (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Ocean View Flowers

  • Ellie Ellsworth (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Mellano & Company

  • Larry Mercer (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Pyramid Flowers Inc.

  • Felicia Alvarez (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Menagerie Farm & Flower

  • Misty Welborn (Farmer)
    Mellano & Co

  • Demitra Vallis (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Brooks Van wingerden (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Stephanie Parks (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Ivor Van Wingerden (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Ocean Breeze Farms

  • Jeannette Williamson (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • René Van Wingerden (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Ocean Breeze Farms

  • June Van Wingerden (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Ocean Breeze Farm

  • Robert Groot (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Sun Valley Floral Farms


  • Samantha Wynne (Farmer)
    Freshies Farms

  • Gina Hemmings (Florist)

  • Gina Hemmings (Florist)

  • Kathy Osborne (Farmer)
    Flower Farmer

  • Deidre Morrison (Farmer)

  • Molly Hoelscher (Wholesaler)
    Amato Wholesale Florist


  • Carrie Wilcox (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Carrie Wilcox Floral Design

  • Sue Palazzo (Retailer)
    City Line Florist

  • catherine ritch (Other)

  • Carrie Wilcox (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Carrie Wilcox floral design


  • Ko Klaver (Wholesaler)
    Botanical Trading Company

  • Lauren Annal (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Elizabeth Jordan (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Retired florist

  • Ko Klaver (Farmer)
    Botanical Trading Company

District of Columbia

  • Cristina Lindsay (Farmer)
    Poppy Jar Flowers


  • Brooke Says (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Radio host

  • Brigitte Langeron (Other)

  • William Tetidrick (Other)

  • William Tetidrick (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Christina Brown (Retailer)
    Roses Are Red

  • Linda Daugharty (Retailer)

  • Melissa Sanchez (Retailer)
    Retail sales

  • Michael Mewhorter (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Magnum SoftWash

  • Kerry Higgins (Other)

  • Jonathan Herstein (Other)



  • Michelle Axelson (Farmer)


  • Jason Beasley (Wholesaler)

  • Miriam Kerrigan (Other)
    Retired Educator

  • Rayce Rodriguez (Other)

  • Anson Rodriguez (Farmer)

  • William Rodriguez (Farmer)

  • Kirsten Hagstrom-Rodriguez (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Lori Braddock (Wholesaler)

  • Riley Davis (Farmer)

  • Melissa Muley (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Lindsey Haynes (Farmer)

  • William Dubberly (Other)

  • Michael Burnsed (Farmer)
    Burnseds whlse plants and foliage

  • ERIK HAGSTROM (Farmer)

  • Heather Hengel (Farmer)
    Small Town Blooms

  • Tommie Bennett (Farmer)
    Wayne Bennett Ferneries LLC

  • Carole Gandy (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Brittany Lee (Farmer)
    Florida Blue Farms Inc

  • Jacob Harper (Farmer)
    Lake Drudy Farms

  • Adam Smith (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • John Bennett (Farmer)
    Wayne Bennett Ferneries

  • Bobby Wallace (Farmer)
    B&W Growers

  • Leigh Wynn (Farmer)
    Wynn Cattle

  • Tera McNaughton (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Legacy at Oak Meadows, LLC

  • James Register (Farmer)
    J.Register Farms Inc

  • Bobby Chad McNaughton (Wholesaler)
    Legacy Farms & Ornamentals, LLC

  • Jana Register (Other)
    FernTrust, Inc.

  • Gregory Harris (Farmer)
    Lake George Ferns, Inc

  • Jennifer Strickland (Farmer)
    Alpha Fern Company, LLC

  • Linnea Hagstrom (Farmer)
    Raiford G. Hagstrom Ferneries

  • Craig Barfield (Farmer)
    Barfield Farms

  • Stacy Jones (Farmer)

  • Richard Hagstrom (Farmer)
    Richard Hagstrom Ferneries

  • Sandra Barfield (Farmer)
    Barfield Farms

  • Craig Barfield (Farmer)
    Barfield Farms

  • Callie Moudy (Farmer)
    Little Green Garden

  • victoria register (Farmer)
    ferntrust inc

  • David Register (Farmer)
    FernTrust Inc


  • Kelley Henry (Retailer)
    Joyce Merck Florist

  • Christy Griner Hulsey (Florist)
    Colonial House of Flowers

  • Barry Hoover (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Dawn Huss (Event/Wedding Designer)

  • Julie Mann (Farmer)
    Blue Bee Flower Farm

  • Chelsea Stowers (Other)


  • Deborah Di Bella (Florist)
    Ambiance Today

  • Deborah Di Bella (Florist)
    Ambiance Today


  • Elizabeth Stevenson (Farmer)

  • Tanya Siska (Event/Wedding Designer)

  • Faith Harvey (Other)
    Faith Fields

  • Emily Bucholz (Retailer)

  • Chris Beytes (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    GrowerTalks magazine

  • Faith Hudgens (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Kari Cieslak (Farmer)
    Farm & Flora

  • Karen Cherry (Other)
    Four Season Landscape Design

  • Jessica Saler (Farmer)
    Salermade Flower Co.

  • Jenny Seddon (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Margaret Legut (Florist)

  • Kent Miles (Farmer)
    Illinois Willows


  • Emily Loudin (Farmer)
    Barefoot Blooms LLC

  • Melisa Green-Price (Farmer)
    Wild Millie's Sweetflower Farm

  • Marjorie Walls (Farmer)
    Walls Cut Flower Farm

  • Bry Friend (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Kathie Rogers (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Julie Frame (Farmer)
    The Barn at Helm Flower Farm & Floral Design

  • Emily Snider (Other)
    Emily's Backyard Blooms

  • Alesa Carr (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Whitney Muncy (Farmer)
    Emerald Design

  • John Polcyn (Farmer)
    Devils Ridge Flower Farm

  • Debra Arvin (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Stephanie Parton (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Todd Jameson (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Balanced Harvest Farm


  • Blakemef BlakemefZL (Other)

  • Constance King (Farmer)
    Prairie Belle Enterprises

  • Angela Farrell (Farmer)
    Give Joy Gardens

  • Karen DeBruin (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • kim nizzi (Florist)
    Mercy Gift House and Flowwers

  • Richard Gooding (Florist)
    Lowe's Flowers, LLC

  • Sara Rohlfsen (Florist)

  • Quinton Tschetter (Florist)
    Tschetter’s Flowers


  • Jennifer Zimmerman (Farmer)

  • Jackie Thomas (Other)

  • Jennifer Baker (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Jennifer's Flowers and Events

  • Stacy Schmidt (Farmer)
    Narrow Trail farm


  • Jessica Merrick (Farmer)
    Shooting Star Farm

  • Martha White (Farmer)
    Free Range Flowers at Martin Farm

  • Julie Mullins (Retailer)
    Finders Flea


  • Deloris Bischof (Other)

  • Carrie Gueho (Florist)

  • Leah Latiolais (Farmer)
    Covey rise farms


  • Elizabeth Francis (Florist)
    The Modest Florist

  • susan Tendall (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Meg Owen (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Meg Owen Floral Designs

  • Lisa Sommer (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Petals and Promises LLc

  • Nina Eisberg (Farmer)
    Patchwork dahlias

  • Susan Tendall (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Floral Designer

  • Melane Kinney Hoffmann (Farmer)
    Hidden Ridge Farm Flowers and Herbs

  • Timothy Du Four (Farmer)
    Petal Patch Flower Farm

  • Blair Roberts (Florist)
    Sweet Blossoms

  • Christine Donovan (Florist)
    Stems Fine Florals LLC

  • Kim Jenkins (Other)

  • Sally Duckworth (Other)

  • Kelly Shore (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Petals by the Shore

  • Kathy York (Farmer)
    Scarborough Farm

  • Carol Carrier (Farmer)
    Plant Masters

  • Jamilah Cassagnol (Farmer)

  • Lori Himes (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Abloom, Ltd.Flowers and Events

  • Leon Carrier (Farmer)
    Plant Masters

  • Jessica Todd (Wholesaler)
    Cut Flowers by Clear Ridge


  • Jessica Redfern (Other)

  • Arjen Vriend (Farmer)
    Pioneer Gardens, Inc.

  • Stephani Teran (Farmer)
    Peaceful Pines Peony Farm

  • Karen Cacciapuoti (Event/Wedding Designer)
    KRC Interior Design

  • Stacey Less (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Paeonia Designs

  • Molly ODonnell (Farmer)
    Molly’s Microfarm


  • Alissa Thomson (Florist)
    IndieGrow Flower Farm

  • Dolores Gould (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Sue Dykstra (Farmer)
    Creekside Growers

  • Beth Foley (Farmer)
    Bella Terra Flower Farm

  • Rose Pomeroy Locke (Farmer)
    Gloria’s Floral Garden

  • Jenniffer Opal-Taylor (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Leslie Everett (Farmer)

  • Leslie Everett (Farmer)


  • Chris Winter (Other)

  • Amber Bengtson (Farmer)
    Windy Hill Farm, Garden & Design

  • Alice-Lynne Olson (Event/Wedding Designer)
    The Late Bloomer

  • Sara Payne (Farmer)
    Flutterby Flower Farm

  • LeAnne Lund (Farmer)
    Hope Blooms Flower Farm

  • Erin Honken (Farmer)
    Erin’s Acre

  • Sandy Schroeck (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Trend on design

  • Brenda Coffey (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Mary Schaefbauer (Farmer)
    Sonnenblume Flower Farm and Design

  • Anna Munsey (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Jeanine Greenfield (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Greenfield Custom Floral


  • Karen Ott Mayer (Farmer)
    Moon Hollow Farm

  • Donna Yowell (Florist)
    Flower Growers of Mississippi


  • Amanda Quinn (Farmer)
    bloom: Cut Flower Farm LLC

  • Geri Hawkins (Farmer)
    Geri’s Flower Farm

  • Staci Hill (Farmer)
    Gooseberry Bridge Farm

  • Ronaldper RonaldperYT (Farmer)

  • Lynne Belew (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Angela Lampton Turner (Farmer)
    Bel Fiore Farm & Floral

  • Dana Posten (Farmer)

  • Diana Hopkins (Wholesaler)
    Dragonfly Dreams Flower Farm


  • Julia Schmitt (Retailer)
    Busy Bee

  • Cynthia Hanson (Florist)
    The Herb and Garden,LLC

  • Kristin Kern (Retailer)
    Hungry Moose Floral Design


  • Lauren Walton (Retailer)


  • TIMI HUSKINSON (Event/Wedding Designer)
    An Octopus's Garden

  • Jessica King (Event/Wedding Designer)

  • Cheryl Scarbrough (Florist)

  • Van Anunson (Florist)
    Pollinated Flower Truck

  • Barbara Atwell (Other)

  • Mary anne Deem (Florist)

  • Patricia Starkey (Farmer)
    Petals and Pages Flowers

  • Van Anunson (Florist)
    Pollinated Flower Truck

New Hampshire

  • Marian Deegan (Retailer)

New Jersey

  • Diane Kenny (Other)

  • Liz Graham (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Petra Koziol (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Karin Greenberg (Event/Wedding Designer)

  • Kaitlyn Contino (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Diane Smith (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Donna Coombs (Farmer)

  • Gary Reed (Florist)
    Lavender & Lace Florist

  • Darlene Gebely (Other)

  • Jessica Elwell (Farmer)

  • Ashley Myers (Other)

  • Melanie Colson (Event/Wedding Designer)
    A MilkHouse Party

  • Scott Edmonds (Retailer)
    New Dodges Market

  • Dawn Clark (Florist)
    A Garden Party

  • Emily McDonough (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Julia Colson (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Deb MacLeod (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Jennifer Gardner (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Aislinn Gandy (Farmer)
    Woodland Flower Farm

  • Mary Coombs (Florist)
    A Garden Party

  • Michelle Coghlan (Florist)
    The Garden of Eden

  • Katelyn Whener (Florist)
    Layers of lovely

  • Dana Fredo (Florist)
    Eden Events

  • Jennifer Reed (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Jennifer Designs

  • John Burk (Wholesaler)
    Delaware Valley Floral Group

  • Heidi Quinn (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Dan Vohringer (Farmer)
    The Flower Peddler

  • Deborah Riether (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Sherry Flintosh (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Nancy Sutton (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Maureen Nemchik (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Robin VanWingerden (Farmer)
    Hidden Horseshoe Farm, LLC

  • Diane Kiley (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Stephanie Velez (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Rebecca Szkotak (Other)

  • Teresa Christoff (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Linda Levitsky (Other)

New Mexico

  • Emily Harper (Florist)

  • Cynthia Turpin (Consumer/Tax Payer)

New York

  • Laura Mormike (Florist)
    Blooming Buds

  • Julie Mulligan (Florist)

  • Casey Maher (Other)

  • Aisa Maher (Florist)
    Way of Wild Floral Design and Flower Farming

  • Lisa Carmichael (Other)

  • Sandra Schmidt (Event/Wedding Designer)
    floral designer

  • Sandra Schmidt (Florist)
    Fleur de lis Floral Design LLC

  • Eli Weis (Wholesaler)
    Kj flora

  • Sylvia Lukach (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Cape Lily LLC

  • Anne Taylor (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Ellen Edler (Farmer)
    Edler Acres

  • Maritza Spitler (Farmer)

North Carolina

  • Lisa Dailey (Other)

  • Mary Norris (Farmer)
    Flower Child Farm, LLC

  • Shellie Ritzman (Farmer)
    My Garden Blooms

  • Jasa Townsend (Farmer)
    The Seed & The Sun

  • Brenda Killon (Farmer)

  • Shellie Ritzman (Farmer)
    My Garden Blooms

  • Abigail Carriker (Farmer)
    Lily Anne's Farm Goods

  • Celia Spillmann (Farmer)
    Caswell Flower Company

North Dakota

  • Dawn Schmechel (Other)


  • Jacklyn Womble (Retailer)

  • Jackie Wilkinson (Farmer)
    Centerton Flower Farm

  • Carol Conrad (Farmer)
    Ccs Blooms

  • Melissa Zimmerman (Farmer)
    FabFourFlower Farm LLC

  • Matthew Garrett (Florist)

  • Heather Waits (Florist)

  • Karen Smith (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Jane Grindley (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Eleven Properties

  • Kelly Keller (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Kelly Keller Floral Design

  • Kelly Burdette (Farmer)
    Three Blooms Flower Farm

  • Wendy Kniese (Farmer)
    Flower friend

  • Barbara Rhodes-Murray (Other)

  • Shannon Barnette (Farmer)

  • Elisha Cupp (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Kim Bowling (Farmer)

  • Andrea Mills (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Red Twig Farm

  • Judy Kirkpatrick (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Sara Caplinger (Other)

  • Sydney Sanford (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Dana Lehman (Other)


  • Ashley Canfield (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Emily Hice (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Sara Buck (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Jacqueline Guthrie (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Ann Alexander (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Terri McCullough (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Hallie Williams (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Heather Kohler (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Emma Ervin (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Amy Adkins (Farmer)
    Red Twig Farms

  • Becky Bertke (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Cheryl Huffman (Other)

  • Kristina Couser (Farmer)
    Lost Creek Flower Farm

  • Brandi Moore (Farmer)

  • Bonnie Burkhalter (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Cindy Kume (Farmer)

  • Josh McCullough (Farmer)

  • Judi Houk (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Cheryl Huffman (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Ashley Lint (Farmer)

  • Heather Chill (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Ralph Fallon (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Robert Baer (Other)

  • Anna Rishe (Other)
    Play All Day

  • Kate Fisher (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Josie Wickerham (Farmer)

  • Lindsey McCullough (Farmer)
    Red Twig Farms

  • Heather Waits (Retailer)

  • Melissa Zimmerman (Farmer)

  • Evelyn Frolking (Florist)
    Studio Artiflora

  • Amanda Lorance (Farmer)
    Petald, Ltd.


  • Janice Bienhoff (Farmer)
    Pete’s Backyard Flowers

  • Vivian Seiler (Farmer)
    BetterTogether Farm

  • Alexis Thomas (Farmer)
    Doodles and Blooms Specialty Cut Flowers

  • Marie Bigbee (Wholesaler)
    Greenleaf Wholesale Florist

  • sherry medley (Consumer/Tax Payer)


  • Theresa Bear (Farmer)

  • Shirley Lyons (Retailer)
    S Lyons Consulting

  • Leah Rodgers (Farmer)
    Indigo Gardens

  • Kathleen Barber (Farmer)
    Erika's Fresh Flowers

  • Lora Losinger (Florist)
    Sophisticated floral

  • Jane Nicola (Florist)
    Bloomin' Fabulous

  • Wendy Gray (Farmer)
    Cutflowers For You

  • Natalya Garrett (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Kasey Thornton (Wholesaler)
    United Salad Company

  • Natalya Garrett (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Floral Industry


  • Anne Nuse (Florist)
    Self employed

  • Holly Urban (Florist)
    Froggy's Garden Flowers

  • Marjorie Dagnal (Farmer)
    Goose Creek Gardens, Ltd

  • Mackenzie Saltsgiver (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Molly McHugh (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Mary Byler (Farmer)
    Greystone Manor Gardens

  • Maura Feeney (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Maura Rose Floral & Event Design

  • Jenn Kern (Farmer)
    Eastview Gardens

  • Tom McConnell (Other)
    Eternal Remebrance

  • Christopher Uhland (Farmer)
    Harmony Hill Nursery, LLC

  • Jennie Britten-Rohrbach (Farmer)
    Bea’s Everyday Blooms

  • Robin Powell (Farmer)
    Cut Flower Farmer Florist

  • Detra Herrman (Farmer)
    Sycamore Knoll Farm

  • J Smith (Other)

  • Melissa Kline (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Heidi Rhoades (Other)

  • KATHRYN BURKE (Farmer)

  • Kacee Burke (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Kathy Stolz-Silvis (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Marianna Coppola (Event/Wedding Designer)

  • Nancy Wisot (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Wisot Designs

  • Kristen Vietty (Event/Wedding Designer)

  • Jennifer Torpie (Florist)
    Jennifer Greer Flowers

  • Pamela Hale (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Freelance floral designer

  • Randi Carfagno (Farmer)
    Rega Garden Co.

  • Bonnie Kunkle (Farmer)
    Sweet Annie's Garden

  • Catherine Albanese (Other)
    Pagter Innovations Inc

  • Robin Stahl (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    S-M-S Healthcare Consulting

  • Heidi Wooters (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Olivia Catarinella (Other)

  • Kelly Miller (Other)

  • Angela Palm (Florist)

  • Pam Ramsey (Farmer)

  • Carlie Hozza (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Mara Tyler (Retailer)
    The Farm at Oxford

South Carolina

  • Lisa Howley (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Melinda Dorn (Farmer)
    Simon Says Grow

  • Pia Geraghty (Florist)
    The Secret Garden

  • Sandra Babbitt (Other)

South Dakota

  • Kris Dahl (Farmer)
    Bogus Jim Gardens and Guesthouse, LLC


  • Karen Yasui (Farmer)
    Petalland Flower and Herb Farm

  • Jimm Wright (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Jimm Wright Designs

  • Kyle Tyler (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Arlene Bruning (Other)

  • Linda Obregon (Other)

  • Arlene Bruning (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Erica Bender (Other)

  • Andrea Philpot (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Certified American Grown


  • Meredith Stewart (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Angela Graves (Farmer)
    Two Sisters Gardens LLC

  • Laura Myslinsky (Florist)
    Field & Floret

  • George Freas (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Ball Seed Co.

  • Rosemary Pepper (Florist)

  • Rosemary Pepper (Florist)

  • Krista Bonnough (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Enrique A. Mendez (Farmer)
    Luna Morada Farm

  • Glenna Hecht (Other)
    Humanistic Consulting

  • Richard Berry (Retailer)
    Fulshear Floral Design Gifts and Decor

  • Helen Jones (Wholesaler)
    Creative Floral Designs by Helene

  • Christin Campbell (Florist)
    Clementine Botanical Art

  • Jennifer Hassibi (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Rachel Cox (Event/Wedding Designer)

  • Jill McLaughlin McLaughlin (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Rick Olson (Farmer)

  • Linda Franke (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Donna Marucci (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Kimberly Harrell (Wholesaler)
    Wimberley Trading Company

  • Raquel Lovern Harris (Florist)
    R. Love floral

  • Joann White (Other)

  • Jeri Porter (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • susan herr (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Kay Moore (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Vicki Rubsam (Farmer)

  • Viola Magers (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Jerry Grubbs (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Pam Patton (Other)

  • AUDREY Klabunde (Farmer)
    Texas Retired Teachers Association

  • Carly Cannino (Other)

  • Becki Smith (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Sally Godfrey (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    SHG Land Design

  • Carol Van Alstyne (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Kari Schroeder (Farmer)

  • Betty Hendrix (Other)
    Lover of home grown flowers

  • Theresa Reed (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Betty Gigliobianco (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Retired RN

  • Deb Finch (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Arlis Hiebert (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    Self Employed

  • Beth Heatwole (Farmer)

  • Robin Kelley (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Suzanne Labry (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Martha Ritchie (Other)

  • Barbara Rhymes (Other)

  • Blair Ramon (Farmer)
    Gilbert Creek Gardens

  • A'ndrea McAdams (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Patricia Lawson (Other)

  • Lois Vance (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Caroline Arnosky (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Donna Marucci (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Frank Arnosky (Farmer)
    Texas Specialty Cut Flowers

  • Beth Oreilly (Wholesaler)
    Wholesale florist

  • Jo Linda Allen (Other)

  • Lacey Russell (Farmer)
    Alice Creek Flowers

  • Katie Stutler (Farmer)
    Sage Moose Flower Farm

  • Nancy Livengood (Farmer)
    Livengood Farms, LLC

  • BRIDGET STEDMAN (Retailer)

  • Mary Theriot (Other)
    Blanco Settlement

  • Letha McIntire (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Tamara Stahlman (Farmer)
    Texas Roots Flower Farm

  • Melody Cuny (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Anita Merkel (Farmer)

  • AUDREY Klabunde (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Mona Durham (Consumer/Tax Payer)
    MD Anderson

  • Mary Retchless (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Elizabeth Kennedy (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • ed gawkoski (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Margaret Fisher Fisher (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Sally West (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • DuAnne Redus (Other)

  • Susan Doyle (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Sandra Brassow (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Pamela Arnosky (Farmer)
    Texas Specialty Cut Flowers

  • Joshua Carlin (Wholesaler)
    Bill Doran


  • Jenn Johnson (Farmer)
    Johnsons Backyard Blossoms

  • Shannon Rauter (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Caitlin Ansley (Farmer)

  • Melissa Wiley (Wholesaler)
    Ensign Wholesale Florist


  • Bernd Brewster (Florist)

  • Justine McFarland (Farmer)
    Tupelo Farm & Garden LLC

  • Katherine Campbell (Farmer)
    Birdsnest Inn - Birdsnest Blooms

  • Jackie Beasley (Florist)
    Flower Forte/ Black Creek Flower Farm

  • Tom Kegley (Other)
    Tom Kegley Communications

  • Kristin Beery (Other)
    Valley Career and Technical Center

  • Sarah Sowers (Farmer)
    Sarah's Petals

  • Mikie Conner (Florist)

  • Ashley Greer (Florist)
    Atelier Ashley Flowers

  • Marina Dimitriadis (Other)

  • Kyle Chen (Other)
    Kyle the girl photography

  • Haley Tobias (Florist)
    Cedar and Lime Collective

  • Karen Fountain (Retailer)
    Flowers 'n' Ferns

  • Sarah Sowers (Farmer)
    Sarah's Petals

  • PK Chapel (Farmer)

  • Donna Gochenour (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Chris Auville (Farmer)
    Harmony Harvest Farm

  • Anna D Davis (Other)

  • Bobbie Lawson (Farmer)
    Green Hill Farms

  • Hermon Black (Florist)
    HB Fiori

  • Jessica Hall (Florist)
    Harmony Harvest Farm

  • Jen Cable Perrot (Florist)
    Flourish Root - floral studio

  • Melina Marshall (Farmer)

  • Anita Roberson (Farmer)
    Botanical Bites & Provisions, LLC

  • Heather Smith (Florist)
    Fleur by Heather LLC

  • Kristy Osmundson (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Laura Baker (Event/Wedding Designer)

  • Sara Mallory (Farmer)

  • Jumana Misleh (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Erin Reese (Farmer)
    Country roads flower farm

  • Karissa Ruiz (Other)

  • Stephanie Campbell (Farmer)
    Lynnvale Studios

  • Stephanie Auville (Farmer)
    Harmony Harvest Farm

  • Beth Martin (Other)

  • Melissi Hammer-Moyer (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Penny Medley (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Mary Badley (Farmer)
    Cedar Folly Farm- Cut flowers

  • Shannon Elizabeth Lang Lang (Farmer)

  • Samantha Fitzgerald (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Tall Elf Designs & Decorating

  • Kim Hill (Farmer)
    Lucky Day Farms, Inc.

  • John Misleh (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Elizabeth Lam (Farmer)

  • Kate Meyer (Farmer)
    Chatham Flower Farm LLC

  • Tracy Zervakis (Other)

  • Steve Cone (Florist)
    Endless Creations Flower and Gifts

  • Lili Pointer (Florist)
    Floral artist

  • Holly Walnock (Farmer)
    LynnVale Studios

  • Andrea Gagnon (Farmer)

  • Werner Jansen (Farmer)

  • Christi Lopez (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Bergerons Flowers


  • Andy Conner (Other)
    The Genesis Project

  • Nataliya Radion (Florist)
    Stunning Stems Floral Design

  • Heidi Anderson (Farmer)
    Brick Road Lavender

  • Tammy Myers (Retailer)
    LORA Bloom

  • Melody Cappelletti Cappelletti (Farmer)

  • Rosemary Kamb (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Melissa Larson (Farmer)
    Brightwood Gardens

  • Hannah Arnosky (Farmer)

  • Annie Horton (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Tammy Myers (Retailer)
    LORA Bloom

  • Judith Lynn Cumming (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Bergen Teschner (Florist)
    Fire and Blooms

  • Vivian Larson (Farmer)
    Everyday Flowers

  • Mary Ann Stine (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Sandy Figel (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Verbena Floral Seattle

  • Sue Frause (Other)
    Freelance Writer | Photographer

  • Michael Slavin (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Alyssa O'Sullivan (Farmer)
    Sweet Alyssum Farm

  • Tobey Nelson (Florist)
    Tobey Nelson Events + Design

  • Stacey Lane (Event/Wedding Designer)
    Garden Goddess Flower creations

  • Kathe Cronquist (Other)
    Real Estate

  • Derrick Hiebert (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Terri Carstens (Farmer)
    Dream Dirt Florals

West Virginia

  • vickie hott (Farmer)
    clearbrook farm

  • Stacey Rawlings (Farmer)


  • Diane Marquardt (Florist)
    The Vintage Garden

  • Gina Graham (Farmer)
    Old Stone House Farm, LLC

  • S Bishop (Event/Wedding Designer)

  • Andrea Clemens (Farmer)
    Lovelight Flowers

  • Jeffrey Rindfleisch (Wholesaler)
    Krueger Wholesale Florist

  • Michelle Dewildt (Farmer)

  • Douglas Miller (Other)

  • Marcia Miller (Other)

  • Michelle Dewildt (Event/Wedding Designer)


  • Teresa Tibbets (Farmer)
    Dandelion Floral

  • Victor Tognazzini (Consumer/Tax Payer)

  • Brandie Orchard (Farmer)
    Mae Orchard Blooms

  • Teresa Tibbets (Farmer)
    Dandelion Farm LLC

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