Blühen Acres

We're a small family-owned and operated cut flower farm located in Nichols, NY. Our focus is on fresh, seasonal, and sustainable flowers! We grow everything right here at our farm, and we have the guarantee to prove it! We're NY's first and only Certified American Grown flower farm - which means you can buy with confidence knowing where your flowers came from!

We use organic practices and never use harmful chemicals in our fields. Sure this means we find a few extra bugs while we harvest but it means our freshness is unparalleled! Usually there is a mere 12 hours between harvest and vase, giving you precious extra days to enjoy the beauty.

We love to share what we grow and we can't wait to help you brighten your days with flowers!



Contact: Kate Lindhorst


Phone: 607.738.0468

6810 West River Road
Nichols, NY 13812

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Facebook: @bluhenacres

Instagram: @bluhenacresflowers