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As you may have heard, Certified American Grown is transitioning from a marketing and governmental relations group under the auspices of the California Cut Flower Commission to an independent trade association that will represent cut flower and greens farmers nationwide.

In order to get the reimagined organization up and running, we’re seeking contributions to our Formation Fund that will help finance future Certified American Grown programs and operating expenses.

As a trade association, we’ll be able to use your generous contributions to finance specific projects such as our continued efforts in Washington, D.C. lobbying to protect farmers’ rights and marketing efforts.

Organizations that contribute to the fund this year will be mentioned in a press release and earn varying levels of public recognition, along with Certified American Grown swag, for the remainder of this year and throughout 2021.

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The following companies have already generously contributed to the Certified American Grown Formation Fund:

  • B-Fresh Floral, Heritage
  • Holland America Flowers, Heritage
  • Ball Horticulture, Partnering
  • Summer Dreams Farm, Partnering
  • Mellano and Company, Partnering
  • Farm Credit West, Supporting
  • Continental Floral Greens, Contributing
  • Dramm & Echter Farms, Contributing
  • Alaskan Farm Bureau, Contributing
  • Texas Specialty Cut Flowers, Contributing
  • Sutton Ferneries, Fan

Are you an allied trade? Join the growing ranks of supporting Associate Members.

  • Botanical Trading Company
  • Zabo Plant
  • Hortus Supplies International
  • Flamingo Holland
  • A-ROO Company
  • Alaskan Farm Bureau
  • Syngenta Flowers
  • Farm Credit West
  • BloomStudios USA
  • Global Horticultural USA Inc. 
  • Central Coast Greenhouse Growers Association
  • San Diego County Flower and Greenhouse Association
  • De Vroomen
  • Obra Verde Growers
  • Floralife