Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the air! In the fields and greenhouses of Certified American Grown farms much work is happening.  The season across the country is quite diverse and the weather is equally so, but what does that mean in terms of the bounty that is available? A lot, actually!  Here is a quick run-down of some of what is happening on different farms throughout the United States.

In the West, ranunculus are blooming and the feast for the eyes is plentiful at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California, where the farm is open and photo opps abound.  It will also be the host location for the ever popular Field to Vase dinner on April 21, 2022 which is making its much anticipated return following the last few years of being sorely missed due to the pandemic.

The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA full of ranunculus

Further north in California, Menagerie Farm and Flower has finished dormant garden rose pruning in preparation for an abundant crop of gorgeousness this summer. In Washington, RoozenGaarde has fields of bright yellow daffodils that brighten the early spring days.

Daffodil fields at Washington Bulb

In Texas and parts south, the bounty is busting with a variety of flowers from such farms as Cuts of Color with beautiful delphiniums, anemones, snapdragons, dahlias, lilies and more, or Arnosky Family Farms filling vases and bouquets with ranunculus, tulips, hyacinth and more.

Delphiniums and Anemones from Cuts of Color in Weimer, Texas

Taking the trip around the country deeper into the South, in Florida, Fern Trust has amazing foliage to adorn your every event with lush leatherleaf and asparagus fern, monstera, and a variety of gorgeous greenery to make your spring arrangements pop.

Variety of lush foliage from Fern Trust in Seville, FL

Traveling up the Atlantic seaboard and into the heart of the country where farms are doing a lot of work in greenhouses and prepping fields as the cold winter subsides, the preparations for a beautiful abundance of American Grown flowers and foliage are in the works. In Virginia, Lynnvale Studios has some gorgeous early spring availability, but much work is happening to prepare for the growth of gorgeous beauties to come such as hydrangeas, poppies, sweet peas, and lisianthus, among dozens of other varieties.  Further north in New Jersey, Owlet Farms has been busy top mulching their peony fields to ensure that this year’s beauties are well cared for and ready to break ground.

Peonies breaking ground at Owlet Farms in Pilesgrove, NJ

In the Northern Midwest, Michigan farm Creekside Growers is busy plating seed and getting pots ready in greenhouses for the abundance that lies ahead.  Visitors are encouraged to stop by and join in the annual Potting Party where you can get your hands dirty and watch the fruits of your labor grow.

Creekside Growers in Middleville, MI ready for spring

Similarly in Michigan, Summer Dreams Farm is working the fields to ensure the diversity of dahlia tubers will be ready for guests to fest their eyes on later this summer and fall when there will be a Farm Tour and a Field to Vase Dinner on September 18.

Dahlia field at Summer Dreams Farm in Oxford, MI

Venturing far north into Alaska to visit our farms there, winter transition to spring comes a bit later than in the lower 48 and many of the peonies remain in their winter dormancy just taking a rest and getting ready to push another great crop!

Fox Hollow Peonies farm in Nenana, Alaska still under a blanket of snow

The U.S. diversity of growing conditions lends to a creative palette to work with throughout the year and as we move into Spring, we hope that you seek out amazing American Grown cut flowers and foliage to bring sunshine and joy into your homes, offices, events, and to share as gifts for friends and family!



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