About Menagerie Farm & Flower

~ The Heart of the Menagerie ~ We are devoted to growing products that bring joy and beauty to people's lives. We believe that you can grow beautiful field grown flowers and fruits with an artful attention to detail. The kind of flowers you remember from your grandmother's garden filled with fragrance and delicacy. ~ Our love of California, sustainability and stewardship of the land for the next generation serves as inspiration for everything we make. We believe daily life doesn’t have to be ordinary. We get excited about pops of pink garden roses, a craziness during peak harvest season and a serenity at sunset in the fields. We are intentional with our time, building a sustainable farm while creating meaningful relationships within our family & community. Above all, we love what we do and take care with everything we grow and make.
My mission is simple – to grow exceptional flowers & foods with distinctive quality. Home for me truly is where the farm is. My oldest son took his first steps in my prune orchard and my youngest spent his first weeks in a baby carrier walking with me among the newly planted rose fields.
I cherish family heritage as a third generation farmer. My favorite memories as a child were tending to my grandmother's farm garden filled with fragrant garden roses. Each day I strive to grow products that will make everyday life more beautiful for your home & table. I invite you to join my farming journey along with me.~

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