About Cuts Of Color

Cuts Of Color is a family owned cut flower buisness serving the area around our hometown, Weimar. We are a speciality cut flower farm and we specialize in Dahlias and grow about 100 other speciality flowers that we personally deliver to Central Market in Houston, Tx. we also sell flowers at the farm and we do weddings in our area. We are a fairly large flower farm and we grow year around and our flowers are always changing with the seasons. We do grow in greenhouses and also in several garden areas that surround our home. We love what we do and we try our very best despite Mother Nature to provide you the customers with quality blooms that are hand picked, selected at their prime stage and all our bouquets and flower bunches are assembled by our crew to give you a good variety of different textures and shapes. No cookie cutter bouquets and each bouquet is made with love.

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1166 CR 210
Weimar, TX 78962

View down a dinner table with yellow flower arrangements.View down a dinner table with yellow flower arrangements.

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