About Albin Hagstrom & Son, Inc.

Albin Hagstrom & Son, Inc. is a grower of leatherleaf, tree ferns and over 80 additional floral greens, in addition to fine handcrafted wreaths, garlands and other decorative floral greenery items.

Since 1928, in our hometown of Pierson, Florida, the “Fern Capital of the World,” Albin’s has been dedicated to serving the wholesale floral green needs of our customers – from distributors and wholesalers, to florists and floral shops large and small, flower markets, farm and supply stores, event planners, decorators and more.

We are a true family business, not just by lineage alone. Our “family” of dedicated employees share in our goal of providing great quality and personal service to all of those who we serve.

Many of our family members are second, third or even fourth generation, and a large number of those who answer your calls or emails and carefully select and pack your orders have been a part of our Albin’s family for decades. We greatly value the experience and dedication of our team members that allow our business to serve you.

Albin’s is also committed to growing within our local community and supporting the floral greens industry in Central Florida and beyond, and in supporting the agriculture and natural resources industry as a whole.

We believe that #OriginMatters. If you want #AmericanGrown, Albin’s has you covered. Give us a call and let us know what we can do for you.

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135 Hagstrom Rd
Pierson, FL 32180