How to Shop for Better Bouquets and Bunches All Year Round

Here are some tips on how to support US farming families and their communities.

Be Flexible and Focus on Seasonality Instead of Specific Varieties for the Freshest Blooms

Did you know there’s an abundant variety of American Grown blooms and foliage available all year round? Specific varieties might not be available during certain times of the year, in certain areas, (For example – American Grown peonies are only in season from early spring to late fall. Blooms instead come from the Southern hemisphere) so as an alternative, ask for what’s in season here in the US, ensuring that you have freshest homegrown blooms to enjoy and share.


Buy Direct from an American Farm – Get to know your local flower and foliage farmers.

There are flower and foliage farmers in EVERY state. Try doing a quick search online or, better yet, use our directory to find a farm that meets your needs. Farms range from providing local deliveries, CSAs and stands at farmers markets to farms that ship nationwide.


Ask your florist or event designer to source American Grown flowers and foliage.

It is absolutely possible to create arrangements and fabulous events with 100% (or primarily) American Grown flower and foliage. Your local florists can develop relationships with local farms and other vendors that source from American farms. Check us out @americangrownflowers on Instagram to see just how beautiful American Grown can be!


If buying at a grocery store, check the UPC label.

By law, any imported floral bouquets or bunches must have the country of origin labeled there. American Grown flowers and foliage will have the American Grown Heart Seal or indicate they are grown in the USA in some other way. Don’t see any local flowers or foliage – ask the floral department to provide some next time!



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