Foliage Takes Center Stage: A Recap of the 2023 Fern Trust Field to Vase Dinner in Seville, Florida

The 2023 Fern Trust Field to Vase Dinner in Seville, Florida was a huge success, bringing together foliage lovers, industry professionals, and local farmers for an unforgettable evening of fine dining, beautiful foliage, and community spirit.

Group with flower crowns around a table in front of a lake

Hosted by Fern Trust, a cooperative of Florida fern growers, the fully immersive floral experience took place on a stunning fernery in Seville, where guests were treated to a tour of the fern fields, a reception, and a farm-to-table dinner.

Team members posing in front of a sign

As the afternoon began, guests were invited to take a tour of the fern fields with lead farmer David Register, where they learned about the history and cultivation of ferns and other foliages in Florida. The guided tour was informative and engaging and gave guests a real sense of the hard work and dedication that goes into growing these lush and diverse plants.

Farm tour on wagon

After the tour, guests were welcomed to a reception sponsored by Ball Horticultural Company, where they mingled and enjoyed refreshing cocktails with Florida’s own Copper Bottom spirits, local microbrews from Persimmon Hollow Brewing Co., wine from David Michael Winery and hors d’oeuvres made with locally-sourced ingredients. They also had the opportunity to adorn themselves in Florida grown flowers and foliage from Full Keel Flower Farm and Fern Trust at the DIY Bout Bar.

Woman assembling a flower crown in a fernery

Couple enjoying beverages at a cocktail table in a field

The stunning foliage arrangements, created by top floral and event designer Kelly Shore of Petals by the Shore and a team of volunteers, added a touch of elegance and beauty to the outdoor setting. The designs were inspired by the diversity of foliages grown and available in Florida, and incorporated elements of the surrounding natural beauty.

Tables set under an awning

Group of women posing for photo

As dinner began, guests were seated at long communal tables, adorned with gorgeous foliage arrangements, and enjoyed a farm-to-table dinner featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients from VoLa Salle Farms while serenaded by live music. The menu was crafted by renowned local Chef Count from Sauté Kingz and showcased the flavors and colors of the region, including Florida’s world famous key lime pie from Kermit’s.

Chef displaying food on a table


People passing plates of key lime pie

As the evening drew to a close, guests mingled and exchanged stories, enjoying the warm community spirit that had been fostered throughout the event. The Fern Trust Field to Vase Dinner was a true celebration of the beauty and bounty of the region, and left guests with a lasting appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the local farmers and growers who make it all possible.

Guests gathering under an awning

Certified American Grown wants to thank the guests and sponsors of the 2023 Field to Vase Dinner at Fern Trust for making it such a memorable evening and supporting the American Grown movement.



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