Crafting Floral Magic Amongst Ranunculus Fields with American Grown Flowers and Foliage

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming Field to Vase Dinner at the Flower Fields on April 11, 2024, excitement is building for what floral masterpieces will adorn the long table set amongst a rainbow sea of ranunculus. This year’s featured designer is none other than longtime American Grown supporter, Kelly Shore of Petals by the Shore and The Floral Source. Her breathtaking designs have showcased at numerous Field to Vase dinners throughout the years but this is her first time designing at The Flower Fields and we can’t wait to see what see creates!

Kelly at the Field to Vase Dinner at Scenic Place Peonies in 2023

Featured in Florists’ Review and Washingtonian Bride and Groom, among other national and local media, Kelly will bring her passion for flowers and her gift for lush garden-style designs that are full of texture and feature bold color combinations. After all, she’s become a pro at designing with ALL American Grown flowers and foliage for weddings and nationally acclaimed events. 

woman in garden holding bouquet

Kelly at her Floral Source California Workshop in 2023; Photo by Beth Caldwell Photography

Table setting with lush garden style flowers

The decor created at the Floral Source California Workshop in 2023; Photo by Beth Caldwell Photography

For Kelly, floral design is about more than just arranging flowers – it’s about storytelling, connection, and celebration. Her favorite events are those that bring people directly to the source, allowing them to see firsthand the beauty and bounty of American Grown farms. It’s this passion for authenticity and connection that drives her work and sets her designs apart. 

At the heart of Kelly’s vision for the Field to Vase Dinners she has designed for is a desire to create unforgettable experiences that resonate with guests long after the evening has ended. Drawing inspiration from the farms themselves, Kelly’s designs reflect the essence of each location, incorporating the finest blooms and foliage to create, along with other components of the dinner, a sensory tapestry that captivates and delights.

2023 Field to Vase Dinner at Scenic Place Peonies
2023 Field to Vase Dinner at Fern Trust
2022 Field to Vase Dinner at Ocean Breeze
2019 Field to Vase Dinner at Bloomia
2017 Field to Vase Dinner at Scenic Place Peonies


Long tables set with dinning place setting and lush green only arrangement

The design at the Field to Vase Dinner at Fern Trust in 2023

As we eagerly await the upcoming Field to Vase Dinner at the Flower Fields, there’s no doubt that Kelly Shore’s designs will once again captivate and inspire us. With her talent, passion, and commitment to American Grown flowers and foliage, Kelly is sure to create an evening that celebrates the beauty of nature and the artistry of floral design.

Don’t miss your chance to witness Kelly’s stunning designs firsthand – reserve your spot at the Field to Vase Dinner today and prepare to be enchanted.



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