Choose American Grown for Your Springtime Holidays

As Springtime and the Easter and Passover holidays approach, many people are thinking about decorating their homes and lives with the beauty of flowers and foliage. There are many options available to do so however choosing American grown flowers and foliage is the best choice for several reasons. Here we will explore why purchasing American grown should be your top choice this spring.


American grown flowers and foliage are often fresher than their imported counterparts. Flowers from other countries must travel long distances and go through customs and border inspection, which can lead to long times to ship from when they were harvested, delays at the ports, and potential damage. American grown flowers, on the other hand, are typically harvested and shipped within a day or two, ensuring that they are as fresh and vibrant as possible when they arrive at your doorstep.

Supporting Local Farmers

By choosing American grown, you are supporting local farmers, families, and businesses. The flower industry in the United States provides jobs for thousands of people, and by buying American grown flowers, you are contributing to the local and homegrown economy. Additionally, many American flower farms are small, family-owned businesses, and your purchase can help them stay economically viable and continue to provide beautiful flowers for years to come.

Environmental Benefits

Choosing to support our American farms also has potential environmental benefits. When flowers are imported from other countries, they must be shipped via air or sea, which contributes to carbon emissions and air pollution. By choosing American grown flowers, your purchases are reducing the carbon footprint of your floral arrangement and displays. Additionally, many American flower farms use sustainable and eco-friendly growing practices, which helps to reduce the impact on the environment.

Greater Variety

The United States has a vast array of climates and growing regions throughout the country. This variation allows for a diverse range of flowers and foliage to be grown and made available throughout the country and year. When you choose American grown flowers, you have access to a greater variety of blooms and foliage for usage than to use what is traditionally available. This means that you can create unique and beautiful floral arrangements that are specific to your tastes and preferences.

Quality Control

When you buy American grown flowers, you can trust that they have been grown and harvested according to strict quality, regulatory, and production standards. The flower industry in the United States is heavily regulated, meaning you can be confident that the flowers you receive are of the highest quality. Purchasing imported products does not necessarily provide the same comfort and standards for production that our domestic farms are operating within.

There’s no doubt American grown flowers and foliage are the best choice for your springtime holiday (and all year long)! They are fresher, support local farmers and families, businesses, have environmental benefits, offer great variety, and are subject to strict quality control standards. By choosing American grown flowers, you can create beautiful and meaningful floral arrangements that are sure to impress and for everyone to enjoy. To find American Grown flowers and foliage, use our filterable directory.



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