We’re Looking For A Leader!

Our Search for our next CEO & Ambassador

This spring, we’ll be embarking on a search for our next leader.

Will you be that person to grow our program and help us accomplish more together?


Join the home team!

Over the past decade, the California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC) has been responsible for leading one of the most dynamic shifts in the floral industry’s history — buying American.

Increasingly, consumers are seeking domestically grown flowers and the CCFC has been on the front line of providing the floral industry with the necessary research, tools and programs to help drive those sales.

And it’s working!

Through our promotion of California Grown, Certified American Grown, BloomCheck, our national Field to Vase Dinner Tour, June as California Grown Flower Month and our American Grown merchandising contest in July, no other organization is driving sales or accomplishing as much as the California Cut Flower Commission on behalf of domestic flower farmers.

Today,  the CCFC is led by a dynamic board of elected commissioners. Guided by a strategic plan, the Commission operates in three primary pillars of focus and activity:

  • Promotion and marketing
  • Governmental affairs
  • Research and economic development

The 2020 Referendum

While confident in the organization’s future, the CCFC’s Board of Commissioners recognizes that in order to attract the best possible candidate pool, the industry referendum has to be completed. Therefore, Dave Pruitt, former chair of the CCFC, has been appointed interim CEO until after the referendum is completed.

However, if you’re as excited about the future as we are and would like to be considered for this position once the referendum has been completed, we encourage you to submit your resume today.

These resumes won’t be reviewed until spring, when the search process will begin. That process may also take time, but when it begins, someone will contact you about next steps.

Be Our Next CEO & Ambassador

Want to be that person to grow our program and help us accomplish more together?


What are your expectations for qualifications?

We have not yet finalized our job description with qualifications.

When is the referendum?

The schedule for the 2020 referendum has not yet been set, but we expect sometime in the spring of 2020.