Win A Pair of Tickets To A Field To Vase Dinner Near You!

We’re excited to officially kick off the 2018 American Grown Field to Vase Tour!

Win two tickets to one of our floral filled dinners and take a friend!

If you missed our announcement, including all the event pages and other details, check out our previous blog post, “Here We Go!

Plus, we have another exciting announcement … we’re giving away two tickets to the American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour stop of your choice!

Just follow the instructions on this page to enter—good luck!


And here’s all the fine print:
Entering is free! Winner can use the tickets at any of the launch locations on the 2018 American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour. If something comes up after you select your location and you can’t attend, our team will help you transfer the tickets to another location.

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9 thoughts on “Win A Pair of Tickets To A Field To Vase Dinner Near You!

  1. Oh my gosh. This is such an amazing opportunity. 😍😍😍 I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck everyone!

  2. I am in the works of opening a micro flower farm! I have 2 acres I plan to dedicate to growing flowers beginning this spring! Very exciting, and a lot of brain energy has been put in already, trying to plan ahead for succession planting. It is hard thing to execute having not the experience of prior to take from – it has start from somewhere, and at sometime though! Right?! I have (almost) already accepted that our first year may in fact be the learning curve, and trying to brace myself to be okay with it, keeping in mind there may be infact, things that may not go as planned, or at the very least, not as smoothly as I had liked, lol! I am constantly reading of others, who have taken the flower farming dream, and made it their successful reality! I feel that any information offered from their trial, and at times their fails, can only but but good, encouraging, sound advice that should be taken! I will never overlook someone’s offerings, that can make my go at it, that much more successful! 🌻🌼🐝
    With all of this taking place in my life right now, and it being in the forefront of our future endeavor, imagine my excitement learning about the giveaway contest, for not one, but two seats! Even at doctors appointments, I like to take someone along, because two ears hearing information, are way better than one! How many times have you been in the room with others, and the both of you heard, or at least took away different things from it?! Well to instances I’ve experienced, IT HAPPENS A LOT! Lol. How much more fun, to have someone to recount the topics of the American Grown Field To Vase dinner with, later with! Very exciting! Thanks so much for the opportunity to try and win! You are giving out such a special evening! I would be BEYOND thrilled to win, and I am not going to fib to y’all, I am going to be a little jelly of whomever it is that does!